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    Buying A French Toilet

    The best toilet to buy is one of the things that people think to be an easy task unfortunately, it is rather difficult. Picking the most expensive one does not mean you have obtained a quality one for your house. It takes time and proper understanding of the best features for you to select something quality.

    Flushing out the Best Performers

    Sometimes, better flushing is not using more water. You should also be aware of how well the flush mechanism cleanses the bowl upon doing it once. The best always carries the waste product way down the drain pipe thus reducing the occurrences of clogs.

    Water saving technology

    Water conservation should be a major issue when choosing a technology. People should opt for toilets which flush up to 1.28 gallons of water instead of 1.6 gallons of water. Some of the efficiency models that satisfy this standard have a water sense label.

    Dual flushing technology

    This technology allows you select a partial flushing for the unwanted liquid and a complete full flushing of the solid material. The most effective dual system leaves no trace of solid material in the bowl.

    Two piece design

    Most toilets sold are two piece models (https://twitter.com/Toiletadvisor), with a separate reservoir that is channeled into the bowl. They are cheaper, however, they result to be tedious in maintaining them clean due to the seam that exists in between the reservoir and the trap grime of the bowl.

    Noise levels

    Considering the bathrooms location. People will always like a quiet lavatory that doesn’t broadcast a flush. The less the noise made by the lavatory, the better. However, this depends on which place the bathroom is situated inside the house.

    Water supply lines

    It is better for one to opt for an installation of a stainless steel which is flexible and braided. The reason behind this is that it helps a lot to minimize leaks and takes a long time before needing a repair to be done on it. If there is no water shut-off valve, there will be a need to install one.

    Bowl shape

    A round shaped bowl will be more appropriate since it takes up less room than the elongated bowls. However an elongated one gives more seating allowance and more comfort for the users. There are elongated bowls that fit at the space of a round one.